Metal Jacketing and Golf Balls — What's the Connection?

Dupont Surly

FORE! If you’ve ever heard that word shouted out, you will have known that there is a golf ball heading in your general direction; but what are you supposed to do? Duck? Run? Dodge? Well we aren’t quite sure but what we DO know is that the rogue golf ball will more than likely have a surprising thing in common with DryMet, our unique moisture barrier insulation jacketing! Now where did I leave my tee….?

Our DryMet insulation jacketing was developed in close partnership with experts at Sheffield Hallam University and has revolutionised the way in which people see moisture barriers. Part of the product’s success is down to the use of a DuPont Surlyn coating, which adds a high-performance quality to the metal it is applied to in our custom-built, state of the art onsite machinery.

The ionomer resins used in Dupont Surly technology are from a family of ethylene copolymers which contain partially neutralised acid groups with such metal salts as those of sodium and zinc, among others. This results in an extremely ionically strong thermoplastic with some of the most remarkable physical properties yet discovered when compared with traditional alternatives. The ionomers are particularly versatile and can be easily melt-processed, compression moulded and injection moulded - evidence of this versatility comes in the form of our flying golf balls!

You may be surprised to learn that DuPont have been involved in the field of golf ball and golf ball performance since the mid 1960s and today, almost every major golf ball manufacturer utilises Surlyn resin in their products, from the mantle to the coating. The material is ideal for golf balls which, as they have to stand a notably high level of sudden stress and deformation, must be extremely resilient with a broad range of hardness and stiffness along with a strong resistance to any abrasions or cracks. More than 25 commercial grades of Surlyn golf ball resin are available!


Golf Ball World Records

Most Hit Simultaneously - 1,873 by members of a club in Madrid, Spain

Farthest Blow - using only one breath, Ashirvad Zaiantchick of the US propelled a standard golf ball 6.35 metres

Most Held in One Hand - 27, by Silvo Sabba from Italy

Most Hit Into Target Area in 12 Hours - 9,959(!) by Brian Cha of Hong Kong

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