Memories, Milestones and Mechanical Magicians

Memories, Milestones and Mechanical Magicians

At BS Stainless, we value a close team relationship as a crucial part of our work. Our behind-the-scenes professional bonds are remarkably strong and it is partly this that has allowed us to not only survive but to thrive as a steel business, weathering the setbacks, stalls and uncertainty that has sadly affected many other companies and organisations.

One of our team members, whose name will be familiar to BS Stainless customers, is Kashif Mohammad. Kashif joined us as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership some years ago and immediately clicked with our company ethos, showing a promise way beyond his years. We, in turn, recognised this rarely-seen spark and decided that Kashif would make a valuable addition to our team, a role he was more than happy, as well as capable, to fill.

As we have had Kashif working with us from the beginnings of his career, we must admit to having a special soft spot for him and we have excitedly and enthu­si­as­ti­cally watched his development with all the pride of a parent. And what a development it has been! If you’re only just hearing about him now then where have you been? Search ‘Kashif’ on our website and get up to date with this remarkable man’s story; you’ll be seeing a lot more of this rising star in the future.

The latest milestone in Kashif’s career comes as he is elected as a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, meaning that he is no longer Mr Kashif Mohammad and instead is Mr Kashif Mohammad CEng MIMechE. He will be exposed to a program of constant knowledge-improvement, designed to ensure that his career progresses just as far and reaches as wide as possible, bringing further prestige to our well-established business and helping us to deliver new products and services which ultimately enrich and facilitate all of our lives.

We’d like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate Kashif and state our great excitement about what the future holds. Stay in touch with us through social media and sign up to our newsletter!

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