Mechanical Insulation - "Greener than Trees"

The insulation of ducts, tanks, pipes and other equipment is vital in order for a building to achieve its optimum thermal capability. Adequate insulation leads to substantial reductions in energy costs and helps to protect the environment.

Conserving natural resources is vital from both economic and environmental points of view. Insulation is widely considered as one of the most sustainable technologies currently in existence and has even been found to be "greener than trees" in calculations made using the advanced 3E Plus computer program. This program was developed by NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) and shows that around 46 new trees would need to be planted in order to achieve the same carbon dioxide level reductions as mechanically insulating a single foot of pipe operating at 350°F.

Mechanical insulation allows temperature to be accurately controlled across a wide range of temperature variances. This makes it particularly suited to industrial applications where temperature differentials often range from 20°F to 600°F or even more. The insulation is used to limit the loss or gain of heat from surfaces that are designed to operate both above and below the ambient temperature. Within commercial and industrial sectors, these limiting opportunities are far greater.

Stainless steel banding, also known as strapping, is extensively used in mechanical insulation projects. BS Stainless Ltd supply a comprehensive selection of this essential material in a range of pre-cut sizes or cut to order. Edge-dressed and deburred banding is available to maximise safety and coils can be provided as standard coil-oscillated or ribbon bound. These can be accurately manufactured to any given weight before being individually packed to exact specifications.

Our range of steel banding can be provided in any colour in order to assist with a colour-coding safety scheme or simply for aesthetic matching. A polyester coating colours the metal without affecting the substrate, meaning coloured stainless steel banding is just as strong and resistant to corrosion as the standard range. Grades 304, 316 and 201 are available, along with stainless steel wing seals and all relevant data sheets.

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