Mechanical Insulation — A Definitive Guide

Regular readers of this newsletter will recall that BS Stainless have been focusing even more sharply than usual on one extremely important aspect of engineering - mechanical insulation (if you are not one of our regular readers then subscribe to our newsletter today and catch up on what you have been missing out on!). We can now bring you news of an extremely exciting development...

The many complex factors involved with the system can be something of a minefield and even those experienced in the field can sometimes have difficulties. For this reason, NIBS - the National Institute of Building Sciences, has developed a deeply informative and highly readable guide, which illuminates and informs the reader on the performance, usage, standardisation and testing of mechanical insulation in industry facilities.

Simply and succinctly titled ‘The Mechanical Insulation Design Guide’ (MIDG), the information-source is free to access and ultimately seeks to remedy the fact that mechanical insulation is ‘often overlooked and undervalued’, partly due to a lack of agreed national standards and application best practices. The guide, aimed at designers, facility owners/­operators, users of mechanical insulation systems and specifiers, brings for the first time a single, authoritative voice on the subject, condensing the engineering design process into six distinct phases:

  • WHY? - identifying the objectives of the design, which are unique to each situation

  • WHAT? - identifying exactly which areas would most benefit from insulation

  • WHERE? - identifying and clearly defining the location, along with the attendant ambient design conditions which will be crucial to the success of the final specification

  • HOW? - identifying the materials and systems currently available

  • HOW TO & HOW MUCH? - analysing and determining the solution within the accepted constraints e.g. those of space or budget

  • ACTION - writing the specification and checking for accuracy

To read the guide, check out http://­www.­wbdg.­org/­design/­midg_­introduction.­php. As said before, it is an extremely detailed and thorough document so you might want to make yourself a nice cuppa before diving in!

BS Stainless, with our unique, in-house collection of products and services aimed at facilitating and expanding the scale and scope of mechanical insulation worldwide, are at the forefront of this technology and operate on a global scale. We invite you to browse this unmatched range of solutions today, before contacting our skilled and educated team for all the technical details. Don’t hesitate - Insulate!

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