Making a Mesh with Stainless Steel Wire!

BS Stainless is the UK's largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire and offer immediate, cost-effective access to a comprehensive collection of wire types designed to suit any application. Stainless steel wires are extremely versatile and a common use is for forming mesh, a product that is equally versatile in its scope of application.

Making a Mesh with Stainless Steel Wire!

Wire mesh is used extensively across both the domestic and industrial sectors. As manufacturing and packaging processes become ever-more automated, the demand for wire mesh increases corres­pon­dingly: this is because wire mesh is one of the most efficient materials from which to construct conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts are an extremely efficient way of moving all types of products through a factory line and are especially efficient and hygenic when made from stainless steel wire mesh. Delivering light transfers and remarkable positive drive, wire mesh conveyors are used in the production of countless products, from computer chips to potato chips and everything in between.

Wire mesh belts are particularly useful in food contact and pharmaceutical applications, where the need for enhanced hygiene is a crucial factor. The stainless steel performs consistently through even the most dramatic temperature changes and is guaranteed to resist corrosion and other forms of chemical attack. The extremely low belt mass of wire mesh conveyors means that energy consumption during operation is reduced; further energy savings are made due to reduced heat absorption.

BS Stainless supply stainless steel wire to customers all over the world. We have noticed especially increased demand from Spain, Italy, France and Germany and have enhanced our stock levels in order to ensure that customers from these companies experience minimal delay waiting for delivery.

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