Looking Forward to 2016 — Stainless Steel Wire Drawing

Stainless steel wire has an abundance of uses and, as the largest independent UK supplier of the versatile product, we have an appropriate abundance of choices to suit every application. One of these many uses is to create robust, high-quality springs and, as we move into a new year, this is an area that we will be focusing on developing further.

The oil and gas industries are major users of springs - tough environmental conditions and heavy-duty usage mean that the components must be of the highest possible quality to ensure safe, reliable and continued operation of vital machinery. Getting exactly the right grade and size of spring is essential and that’s why our highly-trained technical team are always available to answer your questions in a clear, competent and expert manner.

The tensile strength of stainless steel wire used to make springs is a crucial factor in the performance of the component. Too often, the load is underestimated and a tensile strength set too low will not be fit for purpose. Tensile strength can be improved by drawing stainless steel wire down to a smaller diameter - this drawing-down process is a delicate one and must be carefully and precisely handled.

Drawing stainless steel wire for springs is a new area that we will be moving into as 2016 unfolds, bringing our expert knowledge to the process and improving and optimising along the way. The oil and gas industries in particular are set to benefit from our interest in and dedicated application to the subject though, as with our recently-developed range of metal jacketing solutions, other applications for our improved-strength stainless steel spring wire are sure to be discovered.

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