Looking Forward to 2016 — Aluminium Expansion

Our new production line will soon be installed and will enable us to broaden our scope of work. As our company name suggests, our original focus was on stainless steel but, with our new processing capabilities, we will be stepping out further into the aluminium sector and seeing how our exceptional collective skill can improve this growing market.

Providing an adequate barrier against moisture is essential within many industries. Aluminium is being used more and more regularly and so our new processing facilities are arriving in perfect time to meet this growing demand. The metal is particularly lightweight, reducing transport costs and making installation of insulation jacketing easier. It is also 100% recyclable and displays a robustness and corrosion resistance that makes it ideal for pipework cladding and ducting.

Aluminium will be factory-applied with an effective polysurlyn moisture barrier in a similar process to creating SOUNDMET, another of our innovative, in-house products. The completed product will offer continued protection, improving system performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Acoustic damping is also a major consideration for many industries and, traditionally, bitumen has been used to help negate the problem. Potentially damaging to human health, this substance also causes problems in terms of recycling. We will be supplying VibroMat and VibroMet acoustic insulation solutions which, PVC-based, are 100% recyclable.

Fastening the jacketing securely is, of course, of paramount importance and we will be supplying a full complement of aluminium fastenings. From aluminium rivets and toggles to banding and wing seals, our selection will almost certainly contain what you require and, if it doesn’t, then we will create it to your bespoke specification.

As we expand to embrace the aluminium market, we will continue our work with the metal that gave our company its name - stainless steel. We aim to provide a complete, transparent and highly-effective service to all of our customers and our technical team are always available to offer practical support and advice.

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