LNG and Coolmet: The Ideal Combination

As the market and scope for LNG increases, heavier demands are made on the supply chain, resulting in a continued drive to find, tap and effectively extract gas. The search leads researchers and contractors into some of the most remote places on the planet; and some of the toughest operating environments…

LNG plants have to be built to the highest standards, ensuring the safety of those who work there and also that of the surrounding area. By the nature of their work, they are massive constructions that require thousands of tons of raw material to build. Each component, from huge sheets of metal to the tiniest screw, must fit seamlessly together to create the plant and nothing specified is superfluous.


BS Stainless have supplied a wide range of products to LNG plants all over the world, from our professional and comprehensive collection of stainless steel banding and fixings to our unique revolutionary PVDF painted metal jacketing product, CoolMet. It has been carefully designed and perfected in collaboration with experts from the BS Stainless Technical Team and Sheffield Hallam University, and offers a host of advantages to LNG plant construction. Its low surface temperature from a combination of high emisivity and high heat reflection results in reduced insulation, increased personal protection and improved pipe density.

CoolMet also offer improved performance when compared to standard bare stainless steel in salt spray tests off 1000 hours there was no sign off corrosion. In fact samples of 304 PVDF coated stainless steel outperformed uncoated 316. Demonstrating that for LNG plants that typically use 316 / 1.4404 stainless, PVDF coating will further enhance their life expectancy.

CoolMet boasts many material qualities and is available worldwide at an extremely competitive price; these qualities make it an obvious choice for LNG developers. In addition to this, BS Stainless offer the distinct advantage of extremely fast despatch and delivery. Alternative manufacturers from Japan who supplied materials to the Ichthys LNG Project, typically requires around six months to complete an order: we can complete the same order in a maximum of 8 weeks, plus shipping time.

CoolMet already features as an integral design component in LNG plants around the world, protecting vital machinery from harsh conditions such as the extreme cold temperatures found at Yamal LNG, well within the Arctic Circle. Our unique in-house machinery allows us to meet bespoke specifications, for several Australian LNG plants often there is a need for a Surlyn moisture barrier on the reverse side which we were able to provide in the form of the related product DryMet.

Metal jacketing has to be of the very best quality available, from the research and testing that accompanied its development to the materials and technical skills used in present manufacture. CoolMet meets this requirement on every level and is guaranteed to provide the protection LNG plants need. Find out more about CoolMet and related products.

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