LNG 2019: Our Delegates Return

LNG is the largest, most influential dedicated LNG event on the calendar and this year's event, which took place in Shanghai, China, was the biggest yet staged. As stainless steel is such an important material to the oil and gas industries, representatives from BS Stainless were in attendance for the full five days of the conference, during which we met and networked with potential clients and industry experts from across the diverse oil & gas sector.

LNG 2019: Our Delegates Return

The very first LNG took place in 1968 and its longevity is testament to just how significant the event is. That first event was billed as having the key aim to 'conduct a strategic, technical and commercial event for the LNG industry', an ethos which continues to this day. LNG 2019 was the 19th International Conference and Exhibition on liquefied natural gas and the next event will be held in 2022.

Over 11,000 delegates from more than 80 countries were present at LNG 2019, reflecting the ever-growing importance of this industry. As well as networking and showcasing new products and technologies, delegates were able to attend conferences, debates and presentations delivered by over 240 speakers, helping to improve and enhance their knowledge.

LNG plants today are often built using modular techniques, where composite parts are built separately before being assembled onsite. Transporting finished modular parts is accomplished most easily by sea and China, with its superior shipbuilding infrastructure, is becoming increasingly important for this reason. Lower-cost labour is also a deciding factor.

Fabricating such modular parts relies heavily on the use of stainless steel components, of which BS Stainless are able to supply in abundance. Our product range includes the Met family of products created by BS Stainless, including DryMet, CoolMet, and SoundMet. We also supply professional-quality ancillaries as required.

To find out more about the products we supply to the oil & gas industries, check out the dedicated page on our website.

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