Learning Through Play - The EWF Welding Game

The EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting) is an organisation that exists to promote the interests of the welding industry through its global member network and to facilitate harmonised education, training, qualification and certification systems. Providing world-class products and support services with a European focus to its members, the EWF is an essential network in the field of welding and related technologies.

In the early 1970s, the welding community of Europe began exchanging opinions, experiences and knowledge of their industry. These informal gatherings led to the establishment of the ECCW (European Council for Co-operation in Welding) in 1974, bringing together the welding communities of the participating countries: France, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Germany, The UK and The Netherlands. The ECCW continued its activities until, in 1992, the organisation grew rapidly in size when other members of the European community, including eastern European countries and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), became involved and the organisation became the EWF.

Today, the EWF has 31 member countries, each represented by a national welding society. The organisation manages a system of training, qualification and certification for welding companies and personnel while also being responsible for the official certification system of companies using welding in health and safety, environment and quality. Within this complex and diverse array of activities, all ISO standards are rigourously upheld.

Providing children, young people and other potential employees with accessible, interesting tools to introduce them to the welding industry is part of the EWF's principles. As part of their dedication to driving the welding industry forward, the EWF have launched an online game in which the player is the manager of a welding company. By virtually purchasing goods, hiring staff, meeting contract requirements and developing experience, the player's objective is to bring the company to pole position within the welding sector. As well as teaching about several aspects of welding, the game also demonstrates a variety of basic management principles. The free online game, Weld Play, is available at  http://­weldgame.­ewf.­be

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