Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet
Lead sheet can be supplied to clients requirements in rolls to suit

Lead sheet is both easy to form and long lasting its been around for over 100 years and is 100% recyclable.

Lead now features in the BRE Green Guide for the first time with a rating of A+ or A.

Our lead sheet is widely used for acoustic cladding or jacketing often underneath the outer metal. Our lead sheet confirms to BS EN 12588 and has a 50-year guarantee but in reality will last even longer.

Our standard rolls are 1000mm wide and mostly 10 metres long but they can be adapted to suit common thickness for acoustic insulation are 0.5mm and 0.7mm although our range is from 0.45mm (code 3) up to 3.55mm (code 8) to meet all your acoustic needs.

Lead rolls should always be stored safe and dry to avoid damage or staining. If you have a requirement for lead to be used in thermal insulation applications for oil and gas plants we can supply this a part of our full range of metal jacketing and acoustic solutions.