Kazakhstan — Stainless Steel in Oil Production

The high amount of oil reserves in Kazakhstan places it among the top fifteen countries in the world. New areas are continually being discovered and the demand for high-quality, cost-effective materials used in oil extraction and refining has soared.

Kazakhstan possesses around 3% of the total oil reserves in the world, with 62% of the country being occupied by areas of gas and oil. More than 170 oil fields are currently maintained, many of which are being developed and optimised; this is particularly true of the 15 largest fields in the country, where over 90% of the oil reserves are concentrated. The largest concentration of oil fields in Kazakhstan is to be found in the eastern province of Atyrau, where in excess of 70 fields hold a combined commercial reserve level of around 930million tonnes.

BS Stainless are actively involved in the growth of this essential market, which drives Kazakhstan’s economy and employs over 71,000 people including a number of British ex-pats. We have supplied a range of products to many new developments in the country, including in the important province of Atyrau; these products include stainless steel tying wire, banding, screws, rivets, wing seals, springs and cladding. As Kazakhstan has a changeable climate with very hot summers and very cold winters, stainless steel is the ideal choice of metal for the necessary construction projects involved.

Kazakhstan’s oil production levels are expected to grow significantly in the coming years due to high investment, favourable market conditions for crude oil production and large-scale studies of subsoil in the area which will contribute to additional resources. BS Stainless, as a world-class provider of the core materials needed to facilitate oil production and refining, will continue to supply products of the very highest quality to these crucial projects.

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