Happy New Year

Hopefully all our customers and suppliers had a nice break and are back for the New Year. We wish everybody a Happy New year for 2017 and here's what to expect this first month.

January is traditionally a busy month within the steel industry. With early closures in December and empty sites there is usually strong demand early in the month. With prices for stainless steel increasing its still a good time to stock up, with the increased Chrome prices not expected to be included in Alloy Surcharges until February there is still time to take advantage of lower levels.

The increases in Chrome prices will particularly effect Ferritic steels such as 430 widely used in industries such as catering. With the lack of Nickel or Molybdenum these surcharges are normally comparatively low compared to Austenitic stainless steels such as 304 or 316. Now the increase will be a much greater percentage.

Overall for the stainless steel market the first quarter is expecting strong demand and higher price levels, with all European mills already fully booked for the first quarter and filling up fast for quarter two. If you have any requirements for stainless steel we can supply worldwide contact sales@bsstainless.com


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