Focus on Temper Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

After stainless steel has been produced, it can be subject to many different additional processes that are designed to alter its properties to suit different applications. One of these processes is temper rolling, which is the subject of this week's edition of the BS Stainless blog. 

Temper rolling is essentially a work-hardening process that is carried out without the use of heat. Stainless steel that is temper rolled has its crystalline structure altered at a microscopic level, which results in numerous changes to its innate qualities. 

The process of temper rolling is performed using a temper mill, which comprises several different components including a cold-rolling mill stand, an entry end uncoiler, equipment to control the thickness of the finished metal, equipment to oil the material and finally an exit end recoiler. Operating at room temperature, the temper mill automatically unrolls a stainless steel coil before passing it between work rolls. These rolls apply great compressive force to the metal, reducing its thickness to precise tolerances. 

Temper rolled stainless steel coil displays exceptional qualities in a number of areas:

  • A dramatic increase in yield strength to exact specifications
  • Better thickness accuracy and consistent repeatability
  • Improvements in flatness and shape of the finished coil
  • A marked decrease in both ductility and coil memory
  • An excellent surface finish

Temper rolled coil is useful for many applications across various industries, including spring markets, insulation, construction, petrochemical, IT, medical and automotive sectors. BS Stainless is able to supply temper rolled coil in a wide variety of grades; the most commonly-chosen grade is 301 with additional grades like 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 430 also being a popular choice. We are also able to supply other grades on request to meet bespoke user specifications. 

Available in standard coil form or as precision-cut blanks, temper rolled stainless steel from BS Stainless can be slit to any thickness or width, with extra options such as deburred or slit edges also provided as necessary. The material is crafted to order in the VPN/HV range, with the most common being TR430, TR380, TR330, TR280 and TR230; alternative ranges can also be supplied if required. 

Please browse the BS Stainless website for further details about temper rolled coil, along with our complete and comprehensive range of stainless steel coil. If you have any questions or need expert advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated technical team. 

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