Focus on Duplex Stainless Steel Products

The structure of duplex stainless steel is a clever combination of the ferritic with the austenitic, resulting in a material that is stronger than either. Duplex stainless steels boast improved tensile strength and enhanced corrosion resistance. Widely used in the demanding marine environment, particularly for offshore oil & gas applications, a comprehensive collection of duplex products is available from BS Stainless.

Our selection of duplex stainless steel products includes:

Duplex Stainless Steel Wire

Our status as the largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire in the UK has been further enhanced with the inclusion of various duplex stainless steel grades of wire. We offer immediate access to many different types and sizes of wire, working closely with our customers to deliver the right solution for their requirements.

Duplex Self Tapping Screws

Duplex stainless steel self-tapping screws have a PREN value of 38, which easily exceeds the value of 33 required to achieve the 'seawater-resistant' classification. Our self-tapping screws are made from grade 318L duplex stainless steel, making them a full three times harder than screws made from the standard stainless steel grade of 216. This dramatic increase in hardness makes the screws incredibly robust and resistant to any damage. A range of sizes of duplex stainless steel screws is available from BS Stainless and we can supply the crucial components with washers made from a variety of materials including neoprene, polyamide, EPDM or HNBR according to customer specification.

Waterproof Rivets

This innovative product is the first of its type that is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. We combine a grade 316 stainless steel rivet body with a grade 318L duplex stainless steel mandrel to create these closed cup rivets, which provide a tight seal to resist the potentially damaging ingress of water. To show just how effective these duplex rivets are compared to standard blind rivets, we have produced a video that can be viewed on the BS Stainless YouTube channel.

For more information about duplex stainless steel, please browse our website. If you need further advice or support, please contact our expert technical team directly.

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