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BS Stainless have recently quoted a number of projects around the world for architectural cladding using ColorMet and ColorMet Ultra. This family of high-quality coating systems is extremely versatile and there are many options within the range.

ColorMet is a painted metal cladding solution which makes use of an innovative paint: PVDF (Poly Vinyline Fluoride). This is one of the most stable paint systems available on the market and offers a host of benefits to the user. Within the gas market, such cladding is typically grey or white and the product is manufactured and sold by BS Stainless as CoolMet.

ColorMet delivers all of the benefits of CoolMet but is available in hundreds of different colours, all rendered to exact RAL specifications. This means that all of the benefits of stainless steel, such as high-performance and longevity, can be combined with colours that suit the surroundings aesthetically, fit in with environmental measures and/or aid people with poor vision. There are various options within the product range, including PVDF, Polyester and varying thicknesses of paint and primers.

ColorMet Ultra takes things a step further and is a much-advanced version of ColorMet. It is ideally suited to high-end architectural applications located close to the sea or exposed to frequent bad weather, its 316 grade stainless steel being coated with 4 carefully-applied layers to form the total coating thickness of 70 μm. This 4-layer coating is designed to effectively shield the base metal from the damaging effects of corrosion commonly found in stainless steel that is subjected to particularly harsh outdoor environments. The 4 coating layers, applied in succession, are:

  • 15 μm primer
  • 20 μm UV-resistant PVDF
  • 20 μm colored PVDF
  • 15 μm transparent PVDF varnish

To find out more about the many benefits of using ColorMet and ColorMet Ultra for architectural cladding applications, get in touch with a member of our expert team, who can also advise on the massive selection of colours and finishes available. BS Stainless: your partner for stainless steel.

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