Fasteners: Defeating Corrosion

As a leading supplier of innovative fastening solutions and BS Stainless are proud to supply two of key products (sealed type cup blind rivets and duplex self-tapping screws) to prevent corrosion. Suitable for countless diverse applications across the scope of industry, these reliable products are available worldwide from BS Stainless at the most competitive market price.

Whatever the project they are used for, fasteners like rivets and screws serve as the essential joining element, holding everything firmly together to produce structures and objects with lasting integrity. One of the biggest threats to the strength and performance of metal fasteners, and thus to the object or structure as a whole, is corrosion.

Corrosion occurs when the properties of a metal becomes degraded. All metals hold different levels of electric potential and, when two different metal types interact with water (an electrolyte), this creates what is known as a 'galvanic cell'. A low-energy electric current is generated which begins to flow between the two dissimilar metals: this galvanic flow starts to degrade the metal with the highest electrical potential in a process called 'electrolysis'.

During electrolysis, atoms from metals with higher potential (anodes) lose some of their electrons to metals with lower potential (cathodes). The result of this electron transference results in corrosion in the form of rust, which accumulates on the surface and within the higher-potential metal.

The strategic selection of materials used to manufacture sealed type cup blind rivets and Duplex self-tapping screws from BS Stainless dramatically reduces the occurrence of corrosion. This means that any structure or object made with such fasteners is much less likely to become damaged and dangerous.

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