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The oil and gas industries both rely heavily on stainless steel, from which an array of vital components are formed. Much of this steel is used in industrial insulation, ensuring optimal thermal capability is achieved across the multitude of pipes, tanks and ducts found in oil and gas drilling equipment and machinery. As well as providing the perfect working temperature, mechanical insulation also reduces energy use, providing both financial and environmental benefits.

Controlling heat loss across a large range of variances in temperature, mechanical insulation must function perfectly at temperatures of up to 1500°F. By limiting the gain or loss of heat, the insulation ensures that the system maintains a steady temperature while taking into account the health and safety needs of operators. Within the oil and gas sector, exhaust systems are particularly important and the many bespoke requirements include a heavy focus on insulation.

By reducing the amount of wasted energy, mechanical insulation has a significant effect on the energy costs and carbon footprint of a company. The method is now widely considered to number among the 'most sustainable technologies' that are currently available and, according to calculations made by renowned computer program 3E Plus, is actually 'greener than trees'. This astounding conclusion is backed up by data; it would require the planting of over 45 trees to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to installing just 12 inches of pipe designed to operate at a temperature of 350°F.

The BS Stainless Bandfix family of products is designed to efficiently and effectively facilitate the installation and/or repair of mechanical insulation systems by holding jacketing and cladding in place, due to its flexibility and long lasting appeal stainless steel banding isn't limited to just  securing stainless steel jacketing, its often used with a range of other materials including Aluzinc, Galvanized steel and Aluminised steel. Our stainless steel banding, edge-dressed and deburred for operator safety, is supplied in a range of standard widths and coil sizes which can be altered to meet any bespoke requirement. Both ribbon-bound and coil-oscillated varieties are available and a diverse selection of finishes including Bright , Matt, Blue painted and other colours on request to create a desired aesthetic or colour-coding system. These can be supplied in small boxes Value band for ease of handling or larger insulation mill run coils. All relevant tools and accessories, along with comprehensive data sheets, are also provided by BS Stainless, meaning we are a one-stop shop for all of your mechanical insulation fixing needs.

For more information on Bandfix® products, please contact our experienced team by calling 01772 337555 or email us at info@bsstainless.co.uk.

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