Easter Holidays

Easter holidays are almost upon us and as a result our offices will close after the 24th of March and re-open on Tuesday the 29th of March. In the UK this its always a sign that winter is over but you never know what weather you will get for the Easter Break.  For many Easter brings a welcome break in the form of a long weekend, and while traditionally its a long standing Christian festival for many children the main focus is often on chocolate Easter eggs.

The end of March brings the annual clock change for daylight saving time also known as British Summer time or BST for short. This results in longer light evenings and suddenly children appearing from winter hibernation to populate the streets and fields.

For BS Stainless this signals the start of a busy period as industries such as construction gather pace, with better weather brings increased production on sites resulting in demand for stainless steel wire for wall ties, plate for lintels, strip for channel sections and tying wire for re-bar. Similar strong demand on fixings annular ring nails for timber frames prove very popular.

Although we close during the Easter holidays our online shop is open 24 hours per day 365 days per year BSfixings, although the despatch office will close from Thursday evening orders can be placed throughout the weekend for DIY products such as woodscrews, rivets, gutter guards or hose clamps for delivery as soon as the BSfixings offices re-open.

During this holiday closure we will try to respond to any urgent emails and our head office will be available by telephone form 8.00 AM on the 29th of March on +44 (0) 1772 337555.

Happy Easter

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