Drymet - New Moisture Barrier for Metal Jacketing

The results include our highly-successful Soundmet and Coolmet systems, which in turn have led to further demand for improvements and enhancements to other market solutions.

Power plants are major users of metal jacketing for insulation and there is a growing demand for underside factory laminated moisture barriers. BS Stainless are proud to introduce our new Drymet insulation jacketing, a moisture barrier with an array of innovative features to improve performance. These features include:

  • An innovative film system - Heat-laminated, factory-applied polyfilm on the underside of the metal jacketing. This polyfilm, which is coextruded, effectively isolates insulation layers from the metal beneath, preventing metal-to-metal contact and inhibiting galvanic corrosion.  DuPont™ Surlyn® and polyethylene are used to create the film and the tri-layer construction ensures pinhole alignment can never occur, giving exceptional moisture barrier qualities.

  • A range of uses - Drymet can be successfully applied to a range of metals including aluminium, stainless steel, type 1 or 2 aluminised steel, aluzinc or galvanised steel.

  • A choice of exteriors - PVDF paint and DuPont™ Surlyn® Tedlar coatings are available along with other paint systems based on specification. Coolmet, our PVDF painted cladding, dramatically improves the radiative properties of the metal jacketing and has an extremely high resistance to abrasion at its uppermost surface and enhances corrosion resistance. Corrugated and embossed profiles are available.

Developing Drymet has been an exciting process for BS Stainless and we are proud to add the effective moisture barrier system to our collection of innovative and modern metal jacketing solutions. You can download the Material Data Sheet for Drymet from our website and our skilled technical team can offer expert advice and support via telephone or email. BS Stainless - your reliable choice for globally sourced quality.

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