DryMet and TedMet for Metal Jacketing

As the Gastech Conference & Exhibition 2015 approaches, we are working extremely hard to complete our preparations to showcase our innovative collection of metal jacketing solutions. Along with SoundMet and CoolMet, which we have reported on in recent news articles, we will also be showcasing DryMet and TedMet - together, this collection of products makes us unique in terms of delivering a comprehensive metal jacketing solution that is far superior to traditional alternatives.


We have developed DryMet in response to increasing demand for high-performance moisture barriers that are resistant to galvanic corrosion; this demand has been particularly noticeable from power plants. DryMet insulation jacketing utilises an intelligent film system, wherein heat-laminated polyfilm is factory-applied to the metal jacketing’s underside. This coextruded tri-layer polyfilm, created using DuPont™ Surlyn® and polyethylene, totally isolates the layers of insulation from the metal underneath to inhibit galvanic corrosion. DryMet poly surlyn® moisture barrier can be quickly and reliably applied to a full range of metals used for jacketing purposes, including stainless steel, Aluzinc, galvanised steel, aluminium and aluminised steel.


TedMet insulation jacketing is laminated on its upper side with Tedlar, a PVF (polyvinyl fluoride) film that is factory-applied to the metal in a process that has been developed by our talented team along with DuPont™. Displaying strong emissive properties, TedMet with high emissivity is designed to enhance the thermal radiation process and ensure that the surface temperature of the pipeline it is installed to retains a lower surface temperature. This product also shows exceptional resistance to abrasion, harsh weather and chemical attack, resulting in a solution that is ideal for use in extreme outdoor conditions. Primarily intended for use with base metals such as aluminium and stainless steel, TedMet can also be applied to other metals according to the individual specifications of any project. A full range of profiles is readily available,  including embossed and corrugated.

TedMet can be combined with SoundMet to produce a single jacket which is particularly effective at solving issues with acoustics. With SoundMet beneath and Tedmet outside, the resulting system will seamlessly combine the many advantages of each in a much shorter, more cost-effective installation time. Tedmet can also be combined with Drymet to offer a jacketing solution that combines the properties of both resulting in a extremely durable outer side and a underside that is protected from corrosion.

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