DryFoil and tape

DryFoil is a three layer lamination of 12µ polyester film / 25µ aluminium foil / 12µ polyester film. Used as a facing over insulation board, segments, pipe sections, etc.. Primarily used in
cold/­cryogenic insulation systems, to prevent the ingress of moisture into the insulation.
DryFoil combines the excellent vapour barrier properties of aluminium with the outstanding mechanical and thermal charac­te­ristics of polyester film, giving an ideal, flexible and efficient barrier material, suitable for outdoor use.

Supplied in standrd size rolls 1 metre x 500 metres

To secure the foil and secure the joints DryFoil it is reccomended to use DryFoil tape

DryFoil Tape has a solvent-based acrylic adhesive with the excellent vapour barrier  properties of aluminium foil and outstanding physical and chemical charac­te­ristics of polyester film to seal the joints of vapour foil on insulation board or as a wrap-around protective barrier on insulated pipes and vessels.

Supplied in standard widths 50mm , 75mm and 100mm all rolls are 50 metres long.