Drawn Wire: A Versatile Component

As the leading supplier of stainless steel wire in the UK, BS Stainless supply a diverse, comprehensive and high-quality array of the vital component. One of the wire types we supply is drawn wire, a material with hundreds of applications from manufacturing mesh and springs to creating fastening devices such as ropes and cables.

Just like all other wire types available from BS Stainless, drawn wire can be supplied in a full variety of metal grades, each designed to exactly meet the requirements of any application. Different metal grades have certain desirable qualities, such as reduced conductivity, enhanced ductility and improved resistance to corrosion.

Manufacturing drawn wire involves drawing a metal rod through a die, which reduces the cross-section of the material. As there is no wastage of material in the form of shavings or scrap, the volume of the metal remains constant while its diameter is reduced. This causes the wire to lengthen, when it is then taken up onto the drawing block.

The physical structure of the metal is altered during the drawing process. After drawing, the circular crystalline shapes that make up soft annealed material are stretched. As the material will be drawn through several dies, an annealing process is required to 'reset' the crystalline structure, preventing any breakage.

Using the most modern techniques, machinery and tools, BS Stainless create drawn wire of the most professional quality. Find out more on our website or contact our technical team.

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