Crucial Connections - Welding Wire

Welding, the process in which two metals are strongly joined, is an essential part of countless industries. Using a strong and durable welding wire is vital to this process and can make the difference between structural success and failure.

Forge welding, accomplished by heating and hammering, existed from as early as the Bronze Age. This process remained relatively unchanged for millennia and it was not until the end of the 19th century that other methods, such as arc and oxyfuel welding, began to develop. Electric resistance welding was developed just in time to be used in various applications during World War I which, along with World War II some years later, increased demand for the provision of low-cost, reliable metal joining methods. By the time World War II had ended, a variety of new welding techniques had been extensively developed.

BS Stainless Ltd supply a comprehensive range of welding solutions, from our signature stainless steel products to a diverse array of other metals, all featuring the standard BS Stainless guarantee of quality. MIG and TIG welding wire, filler rods and flux-cored wire are just some of the products we supply to our worldwide customer base, in a versatile selection of metals that includes nickel alloy, duplex steel, low alloy, mild steel and aluminium. All ARC-welding needs are also taken care of while our wire intended for robotic welding applications is among the best on today's market. All BS Stainless welding wire meets and exceeds the relevant health and safety laws including ISO EN, AWS A5 and ISO:9001 certifications.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team are trained to be able to offer competent advice on our selection of products. We appreciate that, as there are so many options available, it can be difficult to choose exactly which material is best for the particular project at hand. For this reason, our team are expertly-prepared to assist.

For more information on BS Stainless welding wire or any of our other stainless steel sheet, stainless steel blanks, Aluzinc, stainless steel strip coil and more, please contact us on 01772 337555 or email to

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