Cor-ten - weathering steel

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Cor-ten is a maintenance free strong steel, its weathering resistance make it appealing for architectural cladding and a wide range of maintenance free applications.
Cor-ten is a high strength, low alloy, weldable steel with fantastic weathering resistance. Its weathering resistance is due to the formation of a protective oxide coating this seals the surface against further corrosion. The resulting coating is dark brown and if scratched or damaged, repairs itself to give ongoing protection and appearance. The surface weathering can take up to 6 months to fully complete.
One of the most obvious and striking examples of Cor-ten ues is in the UK for the Angel Of the North statue.
Cor-ten can be bent, formed or welded so ideal for a wide range of fabrications. Available from: 0.8mm – 40mm thick .Material is certified to S355J2W. Cor-ten is a very strong steel with a typical yield strenght of 345 Re MPa, tensile of 485 Rm MPa and minimum elongation of 20 A80%.
While popular for many industrial applications recently it has seen a huge growth in demand for arhcitectural applications and domestic demand for products such as planters, firepits, garden fence panels, garden edging, art sculptures. Often referred to as Corten Steel, or just weathering steel. The trademark Cor-ten is used owned by USX Corporation in the USA.