CoolMet for Stainless Steel Jacketing - Superior Reflectance

Our recent unveiling of SoundMet, an innovative Metal Jacketing for Insulation system, has caused great interest across a range of sectors, particularly those involved with the production, distribution and storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We are now proud to introduce CoolMet, a complementary addition to the SoundMet system.

CoolMet enhances the cost-saving qualities of SoundMet, further increasing its importance to large-scale LNG companies. An exterior paint with extremely high levels of emissivity (0.87-0.9), CoolMet is applied to the SoundMet jacketing system, reflecting any absorbed radiation while also providing a superior level of reflectance for incident radiation. This helps to achieve effective surface temperature which can allow reduction in the thickness of insulation material and hence significant improvement in plant pipe density. Lower surface temperature means better health and safety for the employees as well as optimal system performance.

The problem of corrosion, both above and under insulation, can cause significant damage and has long been the blight of many insulation systems. CoolMet, when compared to traditional PVDF coatings, has much-improved durability and is comparable to laminate in its properties with the exception of cost - CoolMet comes at a fraction of the price. This enhanced resistance to corrosion makes CoolMet of particular importance to the FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) sector.

CoolMet has been extensively tested and proven to be far more effective than untreated grade-304 stainless steel at resisting corrosion. Salt-spray tests showed that the untreated steel became pitted after only 250 hours while CoolMet was able to withstand 750 hours of spraying, at which point the test was completed, and remain stable. Resistance to electrochemical corrosion was also examined and found to be similarly in the favour of CoolMet.

With more than 16 years of qualified experience working with insulation and stainless steel, BS Stainless present SoundMet and CoolMet as an innovative and revolutionary step in our company’s continual evolution, designed to rewrite the rule book for metal jacketing systems throughout industry and across the world. Our unique and successful partnership with Sheffield Hallam University has led to the design of these two complementary systems and we look forward to creating further interest at Gastech SIngapore in 2015, where SoundMet along with CoolMet will be excitedly discussed..

To find out more about Coolmet or to request a sample of SoundMet, please contact Mark Almond on +44 (0)1772 337555 or email BS Stainless - your partner for stainless steel.
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