Congratulations Kashif – Chartered Engineer

Last time we reported on the progress of Kashif Mohammad, who joined us some time ago and has been developing his career with us ever since, he had just been elected as a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. This was an extremely proud moment for him and for us as well, as he gained the right to add the letters CEng MIMechE at the end of his name.

That right has certainly been earned; Kashif has been an enthusiastic, intelligent and innovative member of the BS Stainless team from the start, proving himself to be a solidly-reliable and crucial part of our ethos. Now we are doubly excited to announce that he has become a Chartered Engineer, reaching yet another milestone in his career.

As well as being an obvious personal achievement for Kashif, becoming a chartered accountant also adds to the status of BS Stainless as a whole. As Kashif develops, so our own experience, talent and knowledge base deepens and our reputation increases. Which only gives us more to live up to, in a positive feedback cycle that can only lead to further innovation. Everyone, as they say, is a winner.

Kashif was initially working alongside the oft-mentioned Sheffield Hallam University, whom BS Stainless partnered with to create a better metal cladding solution for oil and gas pipelines. After the two year knowledge transfer partnership ended, Kashif went on to complete a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in recognition of his research titled “Development of jacketing systems for oil and gas pipeline insulation”.

From all of this has come the -Met family of unique cladding solutions: CoolMet, SoundMet and TedMet, soon followed by DryMet, ColorMet and VibroMet. They’re all produced right here in our factory, using machinery built for just that purpose: it means that we are the only company able to provide a full, in-house service right across the board.

The future looks to be full of interesting things (we are just looking for the next -Met…) and we can’t wait to see what they are. For now, there’s plenty to keep us occupied and, if you want to discover the -Met range, plenty for you to learn too. Start discovering: click HERE.

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