Coating and Cladding with Colour

When you picture stainless steel in your mind, the metal is probably silver – either matt or glossy with a mirror-like finish. But did you know that stainless steel can be transformed with any colour of the rainbow? ColorMet PVDF painted stainless steel opens up a whole new world of construction possibilities, enhancing buildings in a host of both practical and ornamental ways. Discover the benefits today…

BS Stainless have been supplying quality PVDF painted stainless steel to the oil and gas industries for some time in the form off CoolMet but we have found that, as with all of our innovations, the scope of the product has grown far beyond that which it was originally designed for. We are now reliably fulfilling PVDF orders from many diverse clients, cladding their buildings with robust stainless steel in the chosen colour with the imaginative brand name of ColorMet. Whether it is a small and subtle executive area or large and eye-catching airport façade, we can up its functional and aesthetic levels to the maximum.

Features and benefits include:

Every quality that stainless steel has is fully retained after the PVDF painting process - in fact, the corrosion-prevention qualities are even enhanced

Arrives at your delivery address fully-primed, produced to the highest standards and well packed ready to use

A thick coating of professional paint that, complying fully with all of the strict test procedures, passed each and every harsh and extensive test with flying colours *groan!*

Pure aesthetic pleasure is gained from a building clad in PVDF painted stainless steel of a colour that has been carefully-chosen with a discerning eye. Many people choose a colour that reflects the environment, matches existing materials or even complements a company’s brand image and logo. Solid, metallic and exotic colours are all available from BS Stainless

Though stainless steel has myriad qualities, it isn't the most highly-visible of materials unless buffed to a mirror shine. Painted stainless steel is therefore perfect for assisting those with visual impairments, helping establish a colour-coding scheme or simply to attract attention to essential information. Painted stainless steel can be supplied by BS Stainless in a wide and diverse forms - even bespoke specialist strips for stainless steel banding usage - often painted for identification purposes such as red, blue or green.

Please note due to the process of paint coating in coil form typically minimum quantities are around 800 m2 or more dependent on thickness. These coils can be further cut to length as required into sheets.

Find out more about ColorMet and get ready to transform spaces.

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