Centenary Celebration of 100 Years of Stainless Steel

It has been a century since stainless steels were first ever created, patented and actually produced and so to celebrate the anniversary of stainless steel, the International Stainless Steel Forum or the ISSF as it is most commonly known has launched a new website which is dedicated to the history of stainless steel and its applications as an integral part of our modern world.

The website will feature a calendar of celebratory events regarding stainless steel as well as interesting facts, images and applications of how stainless steel fits into our society and has done for the last century. In addition to all of the above items through the website you will be able to explore the history of stainless steel right from its very beginnings.

Over 100 years ago those metallurgists and industrialists who were the pioneering force which has lead onto the stainless steel industry which we heavily rely on today could have never even imagined just how much it would grow. In reality production of this valuable metal has grown and grown; in 2012 it reached a record output of 31 million metric tonnes.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable which means as a material for construction its future is bright! There is a need for materials which we can sustain and recycle and thus stainless steel is perfect.

The website has been funded by the ISSF and members of the Team Stainless network. This centenary has provided us all with a gentle reminder about how heavily we rely on stainless steel within our society and for use with so many different applications. Whether it is stainless steel wire, stainless steel banding or stainless steel sheet there is no doubt that across so many applications we would be unable to carry out tasks without them.

BSSA will be using the centenary in order to focus on the promotion of stainless steel and on the 15th may 2012 a travelling exhibition will launch in Beijing, China and it is going to covers everything stainless steel related.

For more information then please contact BS Stainless Ltd on 01254 681112 or email info@bsstainless.co.uk.

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