BS Stainless: Past, Present and Future...

Back in the 1990s, a time that now seems almost impossibly-distant, BS Stainless made its first tentative steps into the UK market. Though we originally had only a limited lineup of processing options and a product portfolio that could most charitably be described as 'adequate', our founders were nevertheless certain that it was just the beginning...

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, that confidence has proven to be more than well-founded. The BS Stainless trajectory has continued in an ever-upward direction despite many challenges along the way, each of which we have faced and overcome. 

Today, our materials and products are distributed to more than 50 countries all over the world to a vast and diverse array of clients including industry-leaders including Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Wheatstone, Yamal and many others. One of these brands is Goebel, a globally-renowned manufacturer of exceptional fixings and fasteners such as rivets, drill bits, screws and toggles. BS Stainless is extremely proud to have been selected as the world's nominated supplier for Goebel products. 

The BS Stainless product portfolio is no longer simply 'adequate'; perhaps 'immense' would be the closest, most accurate term. What we cannot and do not wish to describe it as is 'comprehensive' because that would imply that we have reached the limit of our potential. That is certainly not the case as we not only extend our range with new materials and products that come to market but we in fact also bring such materials and products to the market ourselves.

A case-in-point is our 'Met' family of metal jacketing products — SoundMet® , DryMet®, CoolMet® and TedMet®. These unique materials, for all of which BS Stainless holds the patents, are the result of an international investigation we carried out in conjunction with key players in the the oil and gas industries.

The purpose of this in-depth probe was to improve metal jacketing solutions in a cost-effective manner without compromising on either safety or efficiency. This mammoth research-and-development task, which kept us occupied for more than three years, was carried out in collaboration with experts at Sheffield Hallam University. 

BS Stainless has also collaborated with several other universities in the UK, including UCLan and The University of Salford. Working with these highly-regarded educational establishments has directly lead to other benefits, notably the development of our own in-house engineering team. 

As stainless steel products are so reliable, strong and versatile, it is not only the industrial sector which finds them useful: high demand comes from the municipal, commercial and domestic sectors as well. Recognising that the quantities regularly purchased for industrial products are unsuited to these markets, BS Stainless extended its reach in 2013 with the establishment of an online shop. Named 'BS Fixings', the shop offers an array of ready-to-use stainless steel products in smaller quantities; these include springs, kick plates, banding, clamps, wire, wall ties and insulation, along with an extensive selection of tools, fasteners and fixings. 

In addition to housing our enormous stock of materials and products (which currently tips the scale at an estimated 5,000 tonnes,the BS Stainless premises now incorporates a superb suite of machinery able to provide an equally-superb suite of processing options; these include rewinding, wire shaping, blank shearing, laminating and coating, precision slitting, wire and tube cutting, edge dressing, and many others.

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