BS Stainless Offer Zinc/Aluminum Alloy Coated Steel

BS Stainless now keep a wide range of zinc / aluminium alloy coated steel specifically for the insulation industry, often referred to by the brand name AluzincTM also known as GalvalumeTM or ZalutiteTM . It is a good substrate for organic coating it is generally used in the manufacture of wide sections for wall cladding and insulation cladding. Supplied with a very thin organic finger print free coating for even better performance. In addition to preventing fingerprinting it also reinforces the temporary protection of the material during transport and storage. It acts as a dry lubricant and improves its forming and deep drawing performance. In addition, it also permits the direct application of paint, without preliminary surface treatment. The many advantages of this product are highly valued in applications such as roofing sections and cladding. Material has a continuous hot dip double-sided coating.

Composition aluminium (55%) Zinc (43.4%) Silicon (1.6%)

Material with 185 g/m2 coating AZ185 Skin Passed Anti fingerprint lacquered coating DX51 Substrate

Can be supplied as coil or flat sheet 0.5mm or 0.7mm

This material is generally fixed using Stainless Steel Wire,Coils and Blanks which BS Stainless keep in stock which means that we can supply the whole package straight to workshop or site.

If you are interested in purchasing Aluzinc then get in touch with BS Stainless.

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