BS Stainless Delegates Fly Out to Japan!

Our intrepid delegates have jetted off to Japan! Yes, we have finally waved goodbye to them as they travel halfway around the world to Gastech 2017, taking with them the knowledge and experience that will be a welcome addition at the conference. Everyone is in high spirits and particularly excited for the conference this year…

Gastech 2017

Throughout our many attendances at Gastech conferences over the years, we have been building on our knowledge and working on creating a new way to laminate materials to metal, creating a wide range of useful products in the process. We have installed unique machinery which is now working to full capacity and our delegates to Gastech will finally be able to show off the results.

At our Gastech stand, we will have lots of samples of the products that our new machinery is capable of creating, such as our extremely successful SoundMet. We have filmed in detail the operation of the new machinery and this is bound to be a big draw at the conference, creating a lot of excitement.

Gastech offers a range of benefits to the visitor and one of these is the way in which it allows so many different types of people involved in the industry to connect with one another. Since our new machinery and products were literally on the drawing-board, people we have met at Gastech have followed our progress year on year and it is great to be able to finally show them the finished result, of which we are understandably rather proud!

Among the people that our BS Stainless delegates will be rubbing shoulders with are a range of technical innovators from right along the supply chain. The exchange of information and ideas is incredibly stimulating and leads to all sorts of professional connections that ultimately end up benefiting you, the customer. All of our work is aimed at making a better way of working available to everyone, being a vital part of the British economy and pushing at the boundaries of technological possibility.

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