BS Stainless at WIRE 2018

As the UK's largest supplier of stainless steel wire, our presence at WIRE 2018 was essential. The event brought together professionals from all over the world, creating an unmatched platform for networking, exhibiting and sharing information about all forms of wire. Our experience at WIRE 2018 will directly inform our working practices, which in turn will benefit our customers.

Over 130 countries were represented at WIRE 2018, with BS Stainless flying the flag for the UK. As metal wire has so many different uses and applications, the delegates to the conference represented an extremely diverse cross-section of industry; as well as general information, several specialist areas were covered in the exhibits and seminars including process technology, measuring, finishing, tools and ancillaries.

As there is so much ground to cover, the WIRE event runs for an entire week. As the BS Stainless stand was so popular, attracting a large number of interested delegates, we didn't even get around to visiting the other stands until the third day! Not that we were complaining of course; it was excellent to see our products and knowledge making such a great impact.

When we finally got around to visiting the other stands, it was extremely interesting to see the wide range of products on display. The stainless steel wire market is undoubtedly thriving and it is an exciting time to be working in the sector. The remainder of our time was spent attending talks, debates and seminars, further increasing our impressive store of knowledge and information.

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