Bi-Metal Self-Drilling Screws for Stainless Steel Fabrication

Many projects require that two stainless steel sheets be connected together, a process that can cause a number of problems. The solution to all of these comes in the form of our self-drilling screws which, made from two different types of steel, have rightly been described as 'revolu­ti­onising metal fabrication'.

Variously and interchangeably known as roofing screws, tek screws and stitching screws, these versatile components are mostly crafted from stainless steel of grade 304. The key difference from traditional stainless steel screws is the point, which is manufactured from super-strong hardened carbon steel.

Acting in a similar manner to a drill bit, these hardened-steel points are easily capable of cutting directly into and through a sheet of stainless steel; in fact the point allows two 1mm sheets of stainless steel to be cut through simultaneously. In addition, the self-drilling screws can also be used with sheet or cladding made from grade 316 stainless steel.  

Stainless steel is well known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion. To further enhance this quality, bi-metal self-drilling screws from BS Stainless boast a silver slide coating. As well as delivering added protection from the damaging effects of corrosion, the silver slide coating also makes using the screws quicker and easier thanks to a reduction of screw-in resistance. The self-drilling screws are thus far superior to screws made from carbon steel or grade 410 stainless steel.

Our bi-metal self-drilling screws incorporate three distinct processes (namely drilling, shaping the thread and tightening) into one single process. This results in a reliable, durable solution that saves time and thus reduces labour costs. 

Available in a comprehensive range of diameters (from 3.9mm to 6.3mm) and lengths (from 12mm right up to 50mm), our bi-metal tek screws can be supplied with polyamide­/EPDM-bonded washers as required to suit particular applications. We can also offer an array of different head types such as hexagonal, hexagon-slotted, pen head Philips and pan head square slot. Subject to minimum quantity orders, we can supply these innovative, game-changing screws with a coloured liquid or powder coating, ideal for both aesthetic attractiveness and colour-coding applications. 

To ensure reliably-consistent quality, our bi-metal self-drilling screws are subject to an exhaustive range of tests and checks such as for tensile strength, torsional strength, dimensional accuracy, hardness, extraction resistance, accelerated corrosion and many more.

The dedicated product page on our website offers complete information on everything you need to know about these superlative self-drilling screws. If you need advice on selecting the best product for any particular application, get in touch with a member of our expert technical team who will be more than happy to help.

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