Aluzinc & Stainless Steel Sheet: Fundamental Forms

BS Stainless are the biggest independent UK supplier of all kinds of stainless steel wire, which is used for applications as diverse as specialist welding and original artwork. As well as this wide and far-reaching selection of products, we are also renowned for providing stainless steel sheet/plate of the most professional quality; these materials are also incredibly versatile.

Stainless Steel Sheet Stainless Steel Sheet Stainless Steel Sheet

It’s part of our company philosophy: we strive to provide every type and form of stainless steel to our customers so that they are saved from the hassle of negotiating with several suppliers to get everything they need. That goes for stainless steel sheet/plate too and we are able to supply a full complement of sizes from stock, with the ability to quickly source more of the same if required.

Though our primary focus is on stainless steel, we also include other popular and versatile materials in our product portfolio. Our range of materials includes Aluminium, Aluminized steel Type 2 or T2 and Aluzinc. One of the popular materials is Aluzinc; we maintain a robust stock level of Aluzinc sheet/plate, along with the traditional stainless steel variety and aluminium coils, further increasing the level of convenience offered to our discerning clients.

The product is of crucial importance to the construction industries, with particular relevance to industry insulation

  • As stainless steel and Aluzinc sheet/plate is so versatile, it is relied upon by an incredibly wide spectrum of industries; we can quickly deliver the amount and size you require and every sheet is guaranteed to meet professional standards.

  • Metal sheet/plate is akin to a blank canvas, ready to be shaped and worked as required. It is therefore one of the fundamental forms used throughout metalworking and is prized for its combined qualities of strength, corrosion resistance and ease of cutting/working

  • Aluzinc sheet/plate is especially cost-effective and is extremely popular as a roofing and cladding material

  • Our expert team are highly experienced in all aspects of sheet/plate and supply numerous businesses with the material on a weekly basis

  • To top off this impressive list of benefits, our customers can rely on next-day delivery of their order, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum

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