Aluminium: The Record Breakers!

The BS Stainless blog recently featured an article about some of the times that stainless steel has been used to make or break world records. As this article seemed to be particularly popular with our regular readers, we have decided to take another dive into the record books, this time to find records related to another material we supply:


World's Largest Aluminium Sculpture
This record is held by Novartis Oncology, a pharmaceutical company based in Saudi Arabia dedicated to exploring novel approaches in the fight against cancer. Made entirely from aluminium, the sculpture takes the form of a jackhammer, representing 'a powerful tool breaking through cancer. The sculpture, unveiled at the company's Breast Cancer Summit, measures 7.71m in height, 5.03m in length and 3.95m in width. 

World's Largest Aluminium Drink Can
Aluminium is widely used all over the world for making cans to hold drinks but none are as large as the holder of this world record! Created by the Vitalon Food Company of Taiwan, the mammoth can measured 2.32m in width and stood at a towering 4.67m. A scaled-up replica of the company's popular Super Sapau sports beverage, the can (which boasted a volume of 8,460 litres of liquid) went on display at Taiwan's Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Plaza in 2002. 

World's Largest Aluminium Recycling Plant
Like stainless steel, aluminium is renowned for its ability to be repeatedly recycled without any affect on its qualities and performance. The largest aluminium recycling plant in the world, opened in 2014, is in Nachterstedt in Germany and is capable of processing as much as 400,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap every year. This process saves up to a massive 3.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions in comparison to the use of virgin aluminium.

World's First Scientific Investigation into Tin-Foil Hats
This is perhaps one of the strangest of all world records! Hats made from 'tin foil' (which is actually aluminium), are believed by some conspiracy theorists to protect the wearer's brain from 'telepathic interference' from governments or even from aliens. After an in-depth scientific study into the phenomenon, graduate scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) concluded that a foil hat could actually AMPLIFY radio signals rather than diminish them! 

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