Aluminium Rivets — Qualities Galore

We proudly supply these essential components which, as with all of our products, are guaranteed to exceed expectations in terms of safety, quality and realistic price.

Aluminium (or aluminum if you’re from across the pond) is a silvery-white, ductile, nonmagnetic chemical element - the third most abundant in Earth’s crust (about 8% of the total mass) after oxygen and silicon respectively. In its purest form, aluminium is highly reactive and so is usually found in combination with one of over 270 mineral - its main ore is bauxite. Paradoxically, this ubiquitous element is not used metabolically by any known life form on the planet though is well-tolerated by most due to its very pervasiveness.

The remarkable low density and resistance to corrosion (caused by passivation) exhibited by aluminium makes it extremely versatile, used for applications as diverse as aerospace engineering, oil & gas extraction/­storage/­transport, construction projects and catering. Other qualities of the metal include:

  • Strength and durability combined with a light weight and exceptional malleability

  • Strong resistance to ignition

  • High level of reflectance, even in fine powder form, making it an essential part of many silver-coloured finishes and paints. Mirror finish formed from aluminium has the highest reflectance among all metals in the 200-400 nm (UV) range and is only slightly bettered by tin, silver, copper and gold in higher ranges (up to 3000 - near IR)

  • Heightening of yield strength from between 7-11 MPa in pure form up to a massive 600 MPa in aluminium alloys

  • Around one-third the stiffness and density of steel, ensuring easy machining, casting, drawing and extruding

  • Good electrical and thermal conduction - 59% of copper’s conductivity but only 30% of its density

Blind rivets formed from this remarkable metal are perfect for a wide range of uses and have found a particular niche in the joining of aluminium/­aluzinc sheets. Where the reverse side of the working area cannot be seen, heralding the term ‘blind’ rivet, these components offer the perfect solution. The pins of the rivets, discarded after installation, are zinc-plated while the heads are formed from high-quality aluminium.

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