A Guide to PVDF Coated Stainless Steel: CoolMet

Maintaining machinery at a suitable temperature is key to the success of any LNG plant, no matter where in the world it may be located. In association with Sheffield Hallam University, BS Stainless created the MET family of products which includes CoolMet, a PVDF (PolyVinylidene DiFluoride) painted stainless steel.

CoolMet is in high demand when it comes to building LNG plants such as Yamal and Ichthys, both of which used significant amounts of CoolMet. The painted steel works by reflecting heat away from essential components of the plant, resulting in less insulation being needed and reducing metal content by lowering the outside diameter of cladding. Although the initial cost is higher, less metal is required which means more rapid installation and lower overall costs.

The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel are dramatically enhanced with the addition of a PVDF coating: so strong is the effect that coated 304 grade stainless steel can even out-perform uncoated 316 grade stainless steel. PVDF can also be applied in layers of different thicknesses to meet client requirements.

PVDF coated stainless steel offers continued high performance even at different temperature extremes: this is evidenced by the fact that CoolMet was used in the building of LNG plants at both Yamal and Ichthys, which are located in the Arctic and Australia respectively. CoolMet meets or exceeds the technical details of descriptions such as PVDF, PVF2,­ Color­sof­tain and we can supply data sheets, test result data, technical support and samples as required.

In order to meet target emissivity and reflect heat away CoolMet is supplied in grey or white. PVDF can be supplied in a wide range of colors under the brand name ColorMet typical colour systems such as RAL or Munsell. In addition to stainless steel we regularly supply painted / PVDF coated aluminium for a range of applications.

Find out more about CoolMet and the related material ColorMet on the BS Stainless website.

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