A Comprehensive Collection of Ancillaries

In addition to our world-class collection of stainless steel and other metal materials, BS Stainless also supply a wide range of ancillaries including springs, toggles, wing seals, foils, meshes, lacing wire, banding and a variety of fixings and fasteners. This edition of our blog showcases two of these crucial components.


Used primarily to prevent damaging moisture ingress into insulation, especially in cold and cryogenic systems, DryFoil is a tri-layer lamination comprising a layer of aluminium foil sandwiched between two layers of polyester film. When used as a facing over pipe sections, segments and insulation board, DryFoil provides a winning combination of aluminium's outstanding properties as a vapour barrier with the exceptional thermal and mechanical qualities of polyester film.

Standard rolls measure 500 metres in length and are one metre wide. We also supply DryFoil tape, which is required to secure the foil and the joints between.

Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

A versatile product, stainless steel woven mesh is used in a number of energy and engineering sectors including construction, HVAC and the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Its robust nature and resistance to fire and corrosion makes it suitable for a variety of applications including screens, separators, filters, heat shields, air conditioning, flame proofing and for RFID protection.

The smooth screening surface of woven mesh has no burrs or sharp edges, making it safer to work with. Self-supporting and stable under tension, the material is especially flexible and is therefore perfect for forming rigid shapes both convex and concave. The large, open area ensures a good flow rate and a high tolerance to extreme temperatures allows the mesh to perform optimally in both cold and hot applications.

When producing stainless steel woven mesh, our expert team maintain close control over wire diameters and deliver consistently accurate sizing when it comes to holes and apertures. Though most commonly produces in grade 316 and 304 stainless steel, we can also supply mesh in a range of other materials including special alloys to include Inconel and Monel.

We invite you to browse the BS Stainless website to discover our complete collection of professional-quality ancillaries.

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