North America Insulation

North America Insulation

North America


Stainless Strapping & Seals

½” 30 # .020 thickness - ribbon wound in boxes

¾” 42 # .020 thickness -ribbon wound in boxes

Stainless Steel Strapping is manufactured from T-304 stainless steel in an annealed temper.

Blue painted is also available 1/2" and ¾” width, .020” available to identify underlying asbestos free insulation.

Alternatively we can supply  100 # Oscillated wound coils for manufacture of  Fab Straps.

Alternatives can be supplied in T316, all stainless steel strapping produced to ASTM A-240

We also produce small rolls of 100’ or 200’

All Stainless Steel strapping is ALWAYS supplied with a safe burr free edge for ease of handling

Stainless steel wing Seals

Manufactured in T304 in both ½” and ¾” supplied in boxes of 1000 produced to ASTM standards can also be supplied in T316


Tie wire these are supplied in drums containing 20 rolls or coils each weighing 25 lbs so 500 lbs per drum


Expansion spring sometime called “Chill” springs are 4” long 304/302 springs for small diameter piping for use with strapping up to ¾”. Compression springs sometimes called “Mity” springs are for use on large OD pipes or tanks for additional strength.

The above products are used to fix our range of metal jacketing solutions.

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Photography of Bandfix – Banding Tool

Bandfix – Banding Tool

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Photography of North America Jacketing

North America Jacketing

We manufacture a wide range of metal jacketing products tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the North American insulation industry
Photography of SoundMet®


Acoustic Metal jacketing solution, efficient and contributes towards preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI)
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