Mat hooks

Mat hooks



When securing installing wired mat over pipe insulation its often applied in multiple layers, as a result the joints need to be staggered. Often mechanical loading will result in the need for steel straps for strength to secure the mats in place. The straps are often referred to as blanket hooks or mat hooks.

They are manufactured from wire in both stainless steel 304 / A2 and as a lower cost option in Galvanized / zinc plated wire and are supplied in packs of 100. This type of fixing is recommended by Roxul® / Rockwool® in their insulation installing guide.

There are multiple sizes to suit all applications sizes below:

Material Dimensions Pack
304 / A2 2.0 mm x 95 mm 100
304 / A2 2.0 mm x 115 mm 100
304 / A2 2.0 mm x 145 mm 100
Galvanized 2.0 mm x 95 mm 100
Galvanized 2.0 mm x 115 mm 100
Galvanized 2.0 mm x 145 mm 100

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