Bandfix Offshore

Bandfix Offshore

Oil Rig


For the demanding performance requirements of offshore applications we can offer a range of innovative solutions.


Any water ingress when working with stainless steel lagging, jacketing, fire boxes or valve covers it not ideal. This is further complicated when its sea water. The water can seep into areas and lead to crevice corrosion ultimately meaning failures and expensive repairs. Our waterproof rivets solve that made from 316 and Duplex, they are far superior to other closed head rivets. Ours have been tested with 1 metre of water against a competitor which you can see here.

Rivets Rivets


Strength and performance is key when securing fire hose boxes, valve boxes and other potential safety covers. Standard toggles that may appear to work often fail due to the lack of tensile strength. Our are tested to NORSOK standards of N/mm2 and achieve. In addition our latest toggles include both a locking pin and security of the pin to prevent loss and failure of safety checks.

Toggles Toggles


Corrosion in offshore environments can be a real issue often 316 / 1.4404 material is replaced by duplex for cladding and bolts due to a higher PRE value of 38, to be sea water resistant the target is a PRE of 33. Up until now commonly used self tapping screws for metal have not been available in Duplex but now BS Stainless are the first company in the UK to supply 318L Duplex self tapping screws. Not only will they last longer they are around 50% faster to fix than traditional stainless steel self tappers due to their hardness and strength.


Stainless steel banding is widely used to hold metal cladding and jacketing in place most commonly used in offshore applications is 316 banding however two features are key a safe burr free edge and light weight coils for working off ground and in tricky locations or environments. Our Bandfix value band offers the solution, manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 and CE standards approved by Lloyds of London.

Value Band Value Band

Wing seals

Standard wing seals for securing banding is normal manufactured in 0.8mm stainless steel, working with Sheffield Hallam's (MERI) we developed our Bandfix Ecoseal these use less material and are easier to fix yet due to their innovative design, they work with standard tools and deliver in excess of 15% extra strength.

Ecoseals Ecoseals

All they above products are design to work with our existing range of metal jacketing solutions and anciallries. If you have requirements for offshore stainless steel screws,rivets, wing seals or banding then let us discuss the solution.

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