Metal Jacketing - Soundmet® Provides Environmental Protection

Metal Jacketing

Metal jacketing is essential to ensure that both temperature and acoustical barrier expectations are met, particularly within the oil & gas industry. The environmental impact of such protection can be high but BS Stainless have developed Soundmet® with this fact in mind; our metal jacketing solution is designed to impact minimally on the environment, making it one of the greenest available solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our research into new metal jacketing solutions involved a specific focus on the environment, looking for innovative ways to protect it while continuing to reliably facilitate the vital work of oil & gas extraction, refinement, storage and transport. The research led to the design and production of Soundmet®, which offers several distinct environmental benefits as compared to traditional lead (which has potential health risks) and mineral wool (which is sent to landfill after use) acoustic barriers.

  • BS Stainless, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, engineered and developed the Eco Seal, a wing seal that secures metal jacketing. This seal has been expertly manufactured using 20% less material than standard seals, saving energy usage during production and shipping

  • Aluminium and stainless steel are one of the most widely-recycled materials, with 100% recyclability.Our talented and dedicated team selected mass-loaded vinyl as the barrier of choice for lamination as, along with being an acoustic barrier of exceptional performance, the material is also 100% recyclable

  • Soundmet® uses a great deal less packaging than more traditional metal jacketing solutions, reducing the amount of energy used during storage and shipping.

Mass-loaded vinyl, when laminated to aluminium or stainless steel using the unique Soundmet® process from BS Stainless, represents an ideal choice for companies wishing to reduce their environmental impact. The product offers a wide range of both production-based and logistic benefits, providing an ideal acoustic metal jacketing solution that has guaranteed green credentials.

Want to know more about Soundmet® or order a sample? Simply contact us today. BS Stainless - your partner for stainless steel.

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