Feeling TENSE After the Holidays...?

If you are feeling a little tense after the holidays and the dreaded return to work, spare a thought for the banding that is fixed with our tensioner tool!

Stainless steel banding is one of the safest, most convenient and cost-effective ways to hold things together, from cables and insulation to steel poles and signs. One big advantage of using stainless steel banding as metal is not pierced as with screws or rivets so no damage to materials underneath or water ingress. This work can often take place in a confined area or awkward position and so Bandfix, exclusive to BS Stainless, supply the innovative Tensioner Banding Tool which makes the process safe, simple and quick. And not tense at all, for the operator!

The Tensioner Banding Tool is incredibly versatile, suited for use in a multitude of applications with either standard Value Band or heavier products for insulation purposes; these are often used in the oil and gas industry where metal must be held securely around tanks and pipework, often in harsh and corrosive environments. When compared to a standard banding tool, the Tensioner is windless and of a much lighter weight and smaller size, allowing it to be safely and easily stowed in an ordinary tool belt.

As well as standard stainless steel banding, the Tensioner can also be used with galvanised or carbon steel banding and general steel strapping. The professional, precision-engineered tool includes a hammer (which can be used to form clip wings against banding) and cutter and weighs just 2 kg; this quality, combined with epoxy-coated, ergo­nomi­cally-designed handles, allows for a firm grip and supreme operator comfort.

BS Stainless are proud manufacturers of Bandfix products, offering a consistently professional stainless steel banding solution. As well as all of the required tools, including the Tensioner, we also supply stainless steel banding in a comprehensive array of widths and thicknesses from stock; we can also easily fulfil bespoke orders produced in our UK factory.

For more information on how to get the best from your Bandfix products, please contact our skilled team today.

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